Essay on I Am A Good Fit For Essec Masters

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I am writing to convey why I would be a good fit for Essec Masters in Management program. Since my childhood I had a natural calling towards science, science was something which kept me motivated and pushed me to learn new things. I was always a good student, securing the top 3 positions throughout my schooling. But I did not want to constraint myself within academics. I always wanted to learn more and a way for me to do this was to take part in several Olympiads, several competitions, which I believe helped me grow a lot. Even being a part of the science club helped me to look beyond the theoretical side to the practical applications. As my father is an entrepreneur, I belong to a family in which self-development was always encouraged. Because of this I was always motivated to take part in different activities. Hence, I took up the position of the school captain. Also, I was the captain of our school football team for 5 years. I even participated in various state-level quiz competitions. All these really helped me to develop a holistic personality and made me a person with different perspectives.
After finishing school, I wanted to take up a degree which will help me learn and create things, so engineering was a no-brainer. I worked hard and got into one of best universities in India. At Jadavpur, a whole new world opened up to me. I was in an atmosphere which encouraged exploring new things and pushing boundaries. I took an instant interest in robotics because it helped me…

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