I Am A Friend With My Mother Essay

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I grew up in a small town called Clovis, New Mexico with my mother and 3 siblings. My family and I moved to Corpus Christi, at the age of 10, due to my mother getting a better job. I currently still live in Corpus Christi, Texas and have been here for 10+ years. I am a mother of two healthy beautiful boys ages 2 and 3.
Growing up as a child my mother was the sole provider for me and my siblings. My mother worked two jobs and attended a community college. I have always looked up to her as a role model to not only me, but my brothers and sister as well. My mother has always pushed us to attend college, so now I am attending Ashford University online to become a Psychologist.
I have always had a passion for helping others. I am the person that people come to when they are having a problem or just need advice. As a child I attend counseling for family problems and I would always would ask, “What could I do to get my father involved in my life”.
Growing up I never knew my dad’s side of my family. My father was in and out of my life. I had met him a couple of times as a child but never really remembered him. I always wondered what life would be like if my parents never split. Though I must say I had a pretty normal childhood thanks to my mother.
While in high school my brother got in trouble so we ended up getting kick out of school for not living in the district. To avoid us having to change schools my mother reached out to my father to come and visit. She asked him if it…

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