Coming Of Age Short Story

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Coming of age stories reveal the struggle of life in early age. The stories also demonstrate life lessons and life losses. “Even though you're growing up, you should never stop having fun”. -Nina Dobrev. Unfortunately, I disagree with this quote since there are times when you need to actually grow up and not have fun. There are times when life does have to hit you hard or you have to realize what is happening. These stories are relatable to many and people can learn off them. In the story “The bass, the River, and Sheila Mant” the author portrays a sense of a little boy wanting love. In the beginning of the story, the boy says “the only creature that seemed lovelier to me than a Largemouth Bass was Shiela Mant”. This girl seems to be the only thing that the boy could ever want or to dream of. He studies all of her movements and moods and knows all about her. The largemouth bass is also like this girl. The boy is faced with staying young or growing older. He is stuck in the middle and does not want to give up …show more content…
He was growing away from his father. The boy states “He knew it was something that had to happen sometime. Yet he also knew it was the end of something”. When the boy says this he knew himself that he was transitioning to a man, he also knew he was losing his bond and his memories with his father. But, his father knows this was bound to happen sometime and lets him go. All of the previous memories won't leave but the new ones would. The father doesn't like to hang out with his friends and would rather hang out with his son. “His father always preferred his company to that of men”, this quote directly explains this. His father also gives his son his rod. This rod is everything to him and he always has it looking perfect. To me this shows me that he has more or less given up on hanging out with his son and he knows the time has come where he would rather hang out with his friends over his

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