Essay on I Am A Friend - Original Writing

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She had been crying so much lately and they started again. What was she feeling? Regret? He wiped her tears away.
She looked him in the eyes and said, "I 'm sorry I didn 't come to you. I realize the mistake I made. I didn 't know how you would feel. I was wrong for not giving you that chance."

He let his hand down and looking at her he said, "I accept your apology, Jada. Just know this that having a child with you would not have been a burden. We have a very unorthodox arrangement here and I understand your plight. Honey, I 'm a grown man and I would never have shirked my responsibility. I would have welcomed a child. What do you think I would have done? Kicked you out? Took the child away from you?"
She looked away and that gave him the answer.
He got upset then, "Jada, you 're not Laurel! I wouldn 't do that to you!"
He then looked at her and asked, "Or were you thinking of taking the child away from me?"
She looked at him astonished; her hand flew to her stomach and whispered, "No."
Brokenly she responded, "I would never, ever do that to you. You 're a great father and I see the love you bestow upon Olivia and Kaitlyn." She shook her head and looked down despondently, "I just didn 't know how you would feel having a child with me."
He was amazed at what she admitted just now. He said her name softly. Jada couldn 't look up and the tears flowed. She felt raw.
"Baby, I would have loved having a child with you. Seeing you pregnant would have been one of…

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