I Am A Failure - Original Writing Essay

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Lyndi, sitting in her window nook, stared at the bright screen of her laptop, her fingers poised above the keyboard. Outside, small droplets of rain pitter-pattered against the window, while the dark sky moaned every once in a while. Lyndi sucked in a huge breath of air, and pulled her sweater-covered hands up to her cheeks. She released the air, slow and steady, her eyes taking in the blank, white computer page, and the small flashing cursor line. I could write about... Or maybe... Possibly... "I 've got nothing," Lyndi said, looking over at her cat, Mittens, who sat lazily on Lyndi 's bed. "Do you think you give me any ideas?" Mittens ceased licking her white paws and let out a deep meow. "No need to be so loud. I fed you already." Mittens appeared to glare at Lyndi. Lyndi smiled, a slow and sweet smile, but with a tinge of sadness in it. "I 'm a failure, Mittens. That 's just the truth. I 'm a flop at every subject in school apart from English, and even that -well, how many of my storied have been rejected? No magazines want a story coming from a sixteen-year-old in high school." Mittens let out a growl. "Of course I 've tried entering my stories into teen magazines. But none of them have gotten back to me, and it 's been two months. I... I think it 'd be better if I just give up. No one will miss my writing, especially since no one has seen it!" Lyndi powered her laptop down, and placed it on the ground. Turning to look out the window, a blanket of…

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