I Am A Doctor Opens The Door Essay

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Clatter clatter clatter… “Oh I cut my hand loading up the dishwasher.” Clatter clatter clatter… “It’s a UTI, I’m 1,000% sure.” Clatter clatter clatter… “I 'm not sure I 'm in the right place - are you the dermatologist?”

Before the doctor opens the door, his presence is heralded by the cacophonous sound of my compact standing computer desk. Like the shopping cart you inevitably grab at the grocery store, it has a wonky, rattling wheel whose strident chorus fills the small urgent care facility where I work. As the doctor reaches behind me for the foaming hand sanitizer, I’m pulling up the patient’s chart, closing the door, and trying to maneuver into a corner. In the small rooms, it’s a complicated dance that we’ve slowly perfected after hundreds of patients.

40+ patients, 13 hours, 6 rooms, 2 techs, 1 doctor...and 1 furiously typing scribe. In a typical day, we inevitably see a host of lacerations, rashes, UTIs, and twisted ankles. In the midst of all this, my responsibility is condensing each patient’s narrative into a neat, accurate clinical note, putting in orders, and preparing prescriptions for the doctor 's approval. As a "floater" in the clinic, I go where I 'm needed, providing an extra set of hands in the procedure room, checking patients in and out, or just digging through our economy-sized box of Dum Dums looking for the ever-elusive "blue one, please!" I 've driven a mother and her sick child to the ER, taught countless patients about their insurance, and…

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