I Am A Developmental Service Worker Graduate Essay

1467 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
Amongst Aboriginal people, disabilities are twice the national average standing at 32% (Durst, South, Bluechardt, 2006, p.34) yet for many access, and treatment services received is at a lower level than the general Canadian population. This means, that these individuals don’t receive appropriate or adequate services, which affects their quality of life. This lack of equal services is a result of generational difficulties we face as a nation, complexity of funding responsibility, and unfortunately discrimination. I’m a Developmental Services Worker graduate from Algonquin College in Ottawa. There I learned to support disabled individuals of all ages, of various physical, mental and/or developmental disabilities in ways that are respectful of the dignity and individuality of each person. Field placements gave me practice as well as a personal insight into difficulties faced by these individuals. Also I have a family member who has disabilities, so this topic is personal for me. Being First Nations myself, and knowing the difficulties faced by any disabled individual I wanted to research this topic from an Aboriginal perspective. I primarily will focus on urban services for disabled indigenous individuals, however this topic due to funding, culture, and band governance tends to overlap onto the reserves. In doing my research I looked for peer reviewed research done primarily from a First Nations perspective which used culturally sensitive ways of collecting…

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