I Am A Classroom Teacher Essay

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If someone had asked me 13 years ago when I first started my career in Education, what my long-term plan was, I would have surely responded that I planned to retire as a classroom teacher. I returned to college to pursue teaching as an adult, and at the time, the thought of wanting anything more didn’t even cross my mind. The truth is I love my job. I love seeing that light bulb go on! As many teachers do, I spend many evenings and weekends researching and planning and going way above and beyond my expected duties in an effort to make a difference for every child. But time passes, people grow, and experiences change people in ways they didn’t see coming.

Two key factors, together, led me to reconsider the course of my career. One was consistent feedback from my peers. My personality and enthusiasm for my work often places me in a leadership role among my co-workers. Fellow teachers have often come for me for help or advice, commenting on my organization and thoroughness, my ability to listen and work out a fair compromise, and my ability to communicate well with everyone. Many times I have received the compliment that I conduct myself professionally and confidently and several colleagues have encouraged me to consider going into administration.

The second factor that motivated me to re-evaluate the path of my career is the various professional activities that I’ve been involved in over the years. For example, my district has been diligently working to rewrite our…

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