Hypertension : High Blood Pressure Essay

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Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a common condition when blood pressure is higher than normal. Anything between 90-120 is considered normal, and the bottom number should be between 60-80. The diastolic pressure occurs during relaxation, and dilatation of the ventricles of the heart when the ventricles fill with blood. On the other hand, the systolic pressure occurs when the ventricular contraction begins. However, blood pressure can naturally be related to stress, or physical work upon a patient. Therefore, while a patient is ready to measure their blood pressure at a doctor 's office or at a pharmacy the patient should be in a relaxed situation to confirm the blood pressure. Hypertension does not have crazy symptoms, but it is bad for one 's health due to the fact that it has a high risk for strokes, and renal failure. According to the journal of Human Hypertension, it states “Hypertension was the most important single identifiable risk factor for heart failure until the last few decades. The issue has become less clear over recent years, in part, because of uncertainties in the documentation of heart failure, the lack of systematic recordings of arterial pressure prior to the onset of, and treatment for, heart failure, and the absence of systematic visualization of epicardial coronary arteries”(Smoot, 62-71).
There are a number of reasons why a patient can cause their body to have hypertension. The patient may have an obesity problem, as well as…

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