Blood Supply P2

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Increased blood supply
An increase our blood supply which is when our muscles contract that cause an increase in temperature and metabolic activity (chemical reactions).
As a result when our muscles contract there is a greater need for oxygen which is met by capillary dilation.
For example
The rugby players when they are warming up their bodies will start to do this, when the body gets warm the blood will flow faster.

Muscle fibre micro tears
During exercise, our muscles are put under stress which causes tiny tears in our muscle fibres, which also cause swelling in our muscle tissue. Improvement can be made if the body have sufficient fuel to repair these micro tears, which also make the slightly stronger than before.
For example
A Boxer
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HEART RATE ANTICIPATORY RESPONSE: There are nerves which directly supply our heart and also chemicals which our blood rapidly alter our heart rate, this main reasons nutrients and also extra oxygen to the working muscles before a race. When the body start to anticipate the physical exercise which is about to happen the body will prepare for it by increasing the heart rate slightly. ACTIVITY RESPONSE:
The start of exercise, there are nerve centres in our brain which become aware of the cardiovascular activity. This results in adjustments which start the cardiovascular system to help increase our heart rate and also the local blood flow is improved to the right proportion to the intensity of activity.

Our blood pressure is the pressure of the blood against the walls of our arteries and there also result which in two forces. This is created is our heart pumping blood into our arteries and around our body.

During exercise you muscles will need more oxygen which carried in your blood stream. There will be more oxygen to be in use so vasodilation and vasoconstriction will have to
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When they are chosen by the chemoreceptors a message has been sent to the medulla, from the medulla, an impulse is to send the respiratory muscles reporting them to work harder than before to remove the waste products from our body.
The tidal volume is the amount of air breathed in and out in one breath, the air that passes through the lungs each minute is known as the minute volume, this Increases to allow more air to pass through.

P3 Describe the long-term effects of exercise on the musculoskeletal system and energy systems.
Hypertrophy occurs where muscle cells grow and also this can be happen after training, for example, weight training and also through using resistance machines. The advantage of hypertrophy, (your muscles getting bigger) is it gives you an advantage as you have better strength.
For example
Football players they need to have larger muscles which will help them larger chance of hitting a more powerful shot that will make it difficult for the goalkeeper to

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