Essay about Hybrid Electric Vehicles, The Bmw I3

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Among electric vehicles, the BMW i3 provides customers with two choices: a pure electric vehicle with no gas-powered generator to extend driving range and a hybrid electric vehicle outfitted with a range extender. Both variants along with another model, the BMW i8, give this German manufacturer a foothold in the EV segment.

We’ll take a look at the BMW offerings as well as some other players in the segment — from luxury and mainstream brands alike. Saving fuel isn’t the only reason to contemplate an EV — reducing pollution and protecting the environment are additional considerations.

BMW i3 and BMW i8

BMW made a big splash when the company released a pair of electrified vehicles for the 2014 model year. The two models couldn’t be more different with the i3 designed to take on more mainstream players, while the $135,000 i8 is for sports car enthusiasts with deep pockets.

The BMW i3 is a rear-wheel drive five-door hatchback and it seats four. Electric-only models have a range of approximately 81miles. Opt for the ranger extender version and a gasoline generator extends that range to 150 miles. With prices starting under $50,000, the BMW i3 offers a slight price premium over the two most common models of our day — the pure electric Nissan Leaf and the plug-in hybrid electric Chevrolet Volt.

For people who want a sports car based on an electrified platform, the BMW i8 is worth considering. Unlike the boxy i3, the BMW i8 is a sleek, mid-engined sports coupe with scissor…

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