Hunting Ethics : A Hunter Education Course Essay examples

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You’ll need camouflage (camo), a firearm (gun), ammunition (ammo), hunter’s orange, a license, and land.
If you’re new to hunting, getting geared-up can be costly and confusing. How do I hunt? Where? When? With what? What do I do with the game after I’ve killed it? A hunter education course will answer these questions and more by covering hunting ethics and safety, firearms maintenance and safety, basic shooting skills, hunting techniques, state-specific regulations, and other topics.
All states require such courses. They are a must for any aspiring hunter. (Note:Texas and other states offer course segments online.)
No amount of gear can guarantee a successful hunt. But the hunter education certificate represents knowledge, one of the two most important pieces of gear.

Before buying any gear, take the hunter education course and decide what, how, and where you’ll hunt.
Some hunters use dogs to retrieve ducks, point and retrieve quail, chase rabbits, spot squirrels, and so on. Some folks hunt alone for the solitude, others in groups for the camaraderie.

The setup was perfect. I was hunting an old apple tree that was loaded with light green apples. Shortly before sundown, a nice doe walked into my stand and began feeding. I had all the time in the world. I was calm. I was ready. Finally, the doe presented the perfect angle and I drew my bow and released. I watched the arrow hit her perfectly through the chest. She ran off and I began to count down till it was time to…

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