Hunting And Why You Should Care Essay

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Hunting and Why You Should Care

Have you heard controversy over hunting if it should be illegal or don’t know what way to lean towards? The best way to figure that out is by understanding both sides and what ones morals point to. In my own opinion it should not be something we should just throw away and make illegal because of how much we actually need it now a days. First of all, hunting is an extremely controversial topic in the U.S. There are many people that support hunting and think that it is an acceptable thing to do. There are also many people who are strongly opposed to hunting and think that it should be banned. Both groups of people have very good reasons to support their beliefs but it is up to that person to get the facts and choose what side they’re on. For starters one should know at least the most popular animals hunted in the state of Michigan. The different types are whitetail deer, goose, duck, rabbit, bear, and turkey. Each species has a different time of the year it is in season and one must go by the law. It is also important to know the different to each season and how to hunt. The most popular in Michigan is the whitetail deer. That hunting season starts October first through January first. Within that time period it starts off with archery.
Archery weapons consists of compound bows and crossbows. These weapons you can use throughout the entire season. Bow hunting presents some advantages that some hunters prefer it over gun hunting. First of…

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