Hunger Is An Issue That Plagues Mankind On A Global Scale Essay

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Hunger is an issue that plagues mankind on a global scale. It is impossible to acquire an accurate count of how many individuals and families are victim to lack of nourishment, seeing as how not everyone has an address or a locale that can be tracked. Particularly affected by food shortage are children, which we know to be the future generation of leaders, business owners, and workers. Not only does malnutrition affect a child’s health, but also their ability to properly focus in school. “Children all over the United States currently endure food insecurity, which presents significant issues for their academic performance and general quality of life” (Sexton & Thompson, 2015). To combat this problem, an organization was developed in 1979 by the name of Feeding America, to provide food for those that were unable to obtain sustenance.
“Feeding America is a nationwide network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs that provides food and services to people each year” (“Food Bank”, 2016). Over half of the food banks offer assistance specifically for children, and those platforms are as follows: backpack program, child hunger corp and summer feeding program. Dissecting the intricacies of each branch would prove to be a lengthy task. So, the emphasis of this essay will be on the location that is situated in the area where I live, The Kentucky Heartland branch of Feeding America. This piece will highlight the backpack program and look at how effective it is as…

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