Hunger Games Speech

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Register to read the introduction… Peeta definitely came off as dignified when he spoke those lines. His character was vague to me at first; I thought that he would just be the guy with the charms. His language was too simple for me to think of him as someone with depth although his actions definitely show his kindness since the start of the story. I think that he meant he didn’t want to fall victim to the whole scheme. He knows that survival is tricky when it’s on somebody else’s hands. He might end up doing things he’ll regret just to survive. The thought of turning into a monster just to fight for his life scares him.

He was actually able to stay true to himself during the games. But I did not come across this realization until the end when I was able to compare him to what Katniss turned into. It was not Peeta’s fault that the circumstances he was in and the way that he acted were great for television. Apparently, he wasn’t pretending about anything. He did and said what he would have said if there were no cameras or if there were no
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Although she was still the same bright and kind girl, Katniss turned into something totally different by the end of The Hunger Games, probably because of her drive to fulfill the promise she made to Prim. Katniss submitted herself completely to the audience and the sponsors for the hope of survival. I don’t think she understood what Peeta said during the Games itself, but there is definitely some contemplation towards the end when she doesn’t get the answer she was expecting from Peeta. On the last page, she justifies the way she acted by explaining what she felt. I think this is finally when she understands Peeta, but not on the same level. There was still confusion in her head. She still stands by the entire pretense because she is positive that following her heart would not have made her win, or would have made the life outside the arena complicated. Instead, she chooses to let the cameras take the lead and agree to a life of show

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