Humorous Advertising Effectiveness

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Every day people are exposed to an infinite amount of advertisements through all sorts of outlets. There are billions of products and services on the market and it is interesting to find out what kind of ads companies should use to effectively communicate to their customers. Today’s advertisements inform and guide many of the important decisions people make. Even though there are lots of varieties of advertisements, humorous ads are more effective. They have been used for generations to attract people from all walks of life. Humour is universal; therefore, companies should use humorous advertising as it has a positive result that goes beyond the short term. Humorous advertising attracts more customers, builds companies’ brands, has a lasting …show more content…
In fact, humour is one of the best tools that businesses can use in their advertisements to build their brand. Primary, brands are intangible assets that differentiate companies, and humour is commonly associated with increasing product awareness. A company’s that has a strong brand is more likely to be more powerful in the market. Therefore, the easiest way to build a company’s success is to build its brand. More precisely, a brand name is built through advertisements. Thus, it is important to choose an advertisement that is more effective in attracting customers which are humorous ads. In this approach, the humour part of the ad makes the viewer feel good about the advertisement and these positive feelings create profound brand recognition (Khan 22). Further, humour appeals to human emotion as the entertaining message stands to stimulate brand engagement. Humour in advertisement has a strong purpose of the brand building. It increases the brand value. Companies’ goals are to be recognized by the customers, and a great way to achieve these goals is to use a method that can bring people into their brands. Brands are representatives of companies, and their lives go beyond the short terms. Over time, companies may change their products, but few companies change their brands, because it is the symbol of the company. Therefore, to build their brands is to build a bright future for their companies. Coming back to the Coke’s ad, it achieved its objective by conveying its message about the product being advertised. The humorous part of the ad is what makes it so powerful and therefore it increases the brand awareness. Some people who might otherwise not be interested in Coca-Cola might have the desire to try it just by seeing that ad in a world where people spend more than half of their day in stressful environments. Advertisers should use

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