Human Trafficking Policy Recommendation

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Policy Recommendation,
In dealing with human trafficking, there is a two way approach that can be used, prevention and protection. The significance of laws in the fight against human trafficking is seen when dealing with the day to day cases where victims are faced with problems such as lack of heath care. The federal laws play an important function in according the victims just or fair treatment as well as healthcare services where necessary. In addition, there is a need to accord the victims a fair trial as well as victim protection in order to keep them away from the traffickers.
It is also important to note that many traffickers operate legitimate business fronts complete with the necessary licenses. In addition, they use legitimate documents
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Where parents from poor families are duped into believing their children are taken to be offered better living conditions and education, they should be inquisitive on such matters. There is also a need to have the authorities in both countries engage the citizens on issues touching on trafficking for example in establishing the number of people considered ‘lost’ in their societies in order to have people understand the seriousness of the problem.
Information or data recording is also critical in detailing the statistics of victims of human trafficking. Accurate figures on the illegal trade is critical in its fight through creating awareness on the gravity of the problem. In addition, this helps in allocation of resources which should be commensurate with the magnitude of the problem.
Information does not concern creating awareness and collection of data but also involves creating advocacy groups. These groups can be made up of journalists, law enforcers and social workers among others in order to develop ground based ‘real time’ information sharing on trafficking. With proper information networks, it is possible for law enforcement teams to infiltrate the cartels in drug and human trafficking. Through empowering those in the sex trade, it is also possible to identify those involved in drug and human trafficking because in many instances
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This form of collaboration will go a long way in combating trafficking. With regards to sex tourism, there is a need to combat it from the root which is building capacities of women especially young single mothers who are forced out of their homes to fend for their children. While in the trade, the women are easy to lure into drug trafficking with the quick money that it promises. It is after they are in the trade that they get ensnared and are trafficked for monetary gain by the drug lords.
Fighting Drug Trafficking
Considering that the illegal drug trade is the major financial backbone in human trafficking, cutting off funding can be a solution to ending human trafficking. As mentioned above, drug traffickers have for many years used women and children as drug mules due to the fact that they are unlikely to be suspected. With the drug cartels capitalizing on instilling fear among the citizens, cutting off the money laundering aspects will also be a solution to ending human trafficking.
Law enforcement, investigations and other legal interventions with support for to curtailing human trafficking. In this regard, there is a need to have the right resources which in clued human capital. Where people have been working in the same post for a long time, there is a need to have rotations which are critical in discouraging and

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