Human Trafficking In Asia

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Nevertheless I have been able to discover many economic implications that human trafficking creates for Asia.
Firstly, human trafficking reduces children’s opportunities to receive an education and create a prosperous and bright future for themselves, their family and their community. Human trafficking forms a hole in the economic prosperity of many communities as there are no young educated children coming into the community, therefore there is no consistent flow of income. This problem is clearly portrayed through Afghanistan’s latest census stating that only 38% of the population are literate with only 13% of women being able to read and write.

Additionally, the rise of human trafficking and forced sex work in Asia has forced an escalation
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This permanent social class division can also be linked to the increase of human trafficking within Asia. As it instigates a community to remain poor as “pimps” target these communities never allowing these deprived communities to evolve and develop their resources.

The presence of human trafficking in society marganlises groups of people, forcing them into vulnerable and susceptible situations due to their social status in their community. The strict social structures and hierarchy existing in Asia leaves the poor and uneducated vulnerable to the brutality that is human trafficking. Having communities within Asia never able to develop and grow as children are being transported by wealthy trafficking companies for monetary gain and profit.

Human trafficking pushes the wealthy classes of people into greater wealth and forces the poor and vulnerable families into deeper poverty impeding the development of lower social classes living conditions and resources and creating a never ending cycle of poverty and extreme social class division within
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Human Trafficking has been a growing problem throughout history and across the globe, which has recently had an outbreak as more people are buying cheap goods without worrying about the implications and unethical treatment and dealings. Human trafficking has become the second most lucrative industry in the world and is regarded as a modern form of slavery.

Nearly every country in the world takes part in human trafficking whether it is the point of origin, transit or destination nearly every country in the world is involved in the orgainsation and arrangement of human trafficking.

For example, victims from East Asia have been identified in more than 20 countries throughout the world, including in Europe, America, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. Additionally, ILO discovered that there has been victims involved in human trafficking from 127 countries highlighting that this issue does not only affect a small proportion of countries.

However regardless of the excessively high number of countries involved. Human trafficking is a global problem as

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