Sex Trafficking In Thailand Essay

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Lately, it seems that the media has been solely focused on politics and celebrities. There are many problems that are going on in the world that many of these news outlets are failing to report on like the war in Syria, the opioid problem plaguing the United States, the immigration crisis in Europe, and many more. One problem in particular that really resonates with me is the sex trafficking and slavery that is going on in Thailand. People question what it really is. It is necessary that people must be informed on the history of how it came about and how it has become something of a normalcy, so that when they visit they are not oblivious to how prevalent it is in that area. Top newspapers seldom write articles about it, if they even do at …show more content…
People are not informed about what is going on in Thailand and other places around the world. In my opinion, in order to fully understand the problem of sex trafficking in Thailand, one must be aware of the history of how the problem first occurred and why it is still happening today.
What is sex trafficking? While certain countries definition may vary, many can agree on a similar definition. According to The U.S. Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, it states that “person induced to perform labor or a commercial sex act through force, fraud, or coercion” (Protection Act) Today it is seen as a modern day form of slavery. Sex trafficking is a problem all over the world that affects almost every country. But Southeast Asian countries, like Thailand, are more notoriously known for sex trafficking. Sex trafficking victims are women and children who aren’t seen as people, but as objects that make people money. Many of the women that are thrown into the sex trafficking ring have actually fled to Thailand from surrounding countries to escape poverty, oppression, and a war torn countries like Burma for instance. The incoming women
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The same goes for the young girls. They have no choice and are forced into it. The conditions that these women and young girls have to live and work in is atrocious and inhumane. “It was like hell” (Macan-Markar) Ai, a Thai woman in her early 30s described. Ai was sex trafficked from Thailand to Japan when she was just fifteen years old. “I was dead from the first day. After one year, I started to take drugs.” (Macan-Markar) Luckily, Ai was saved by a Catholic nun ten years after she was sex trafficked. Ai was one of the lucky ones because once women and young children are in the sex traffic ring it is almost impossible to escape. In these unimaginable conditions, women and young girls that are in face a number of threats to their safety and health. One threat to the women’s safety is the transfer of sexually transmitted infections, or STI’s, and HIV. These women might have sex upwards of 30 times a day so it is easy to see how these women could be so susceptible to such infections and viruses. They have absolutely no control or say with what the customer decides to do with them. Not only does the sheer number of times they have sex a day put them at risk, it is how and where it happens. A lot of the men do not wear condoms when having sex with these women so the chance of infection and contraction of viruses increases dramatically. Also, some of the places that the women conduct their business in may not be one in the

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