Human Trafficking And Human Rights Essay

1117 Words Oct 7th, 2015 null Page
Arkron was 12 when he watched men beat his father’s head in with a brick and then slaughtered him with a knife all for what his father believe in. Arkron risked a lot to get away from those people in Myanmar and reach Malaysia and all to live in a shipping container with 7 other people. People in Myanmar are persected and sold into human trafficing all for what they belive in and this violates our basic rights as humans. People in Myanmar might be some of the most persecuted people on earth, and for what? The greed of other humans. Hundreds die every day from religious persecution and human trafficking and Myanmar’s have both of these things going on every day. The stories these survivors tell can be very brutal and many do not have happy endings like you would hope.
Human trafficking has been around for thousands of years and people in these third world countries thrive off of it. Wi the government running out of money and going down hill this problem only can get worse. Over the past 5 years, Burma has made great strides opening itself to the outside world and in liberalizing its economy. The job market is down and the population is steadily rising, so this causes corruption with people and they have to fight for their right to live nad prosper. Burma has been a military dictatorship since 1962, and since 2010 is trying for limited political and economic reform, relaxation of media censorship and release of political prisoners. Due to a complex legal department and…

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