Human Rights And Gun Control In The Dark Knight Rises

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The United States Constitution was designed to establish a form of unity amongst the people. Its purpose is to create an image of equality and disturbing equal power to everyone. The document promotes the ideas of our natural rights and liberty. It allows people to live with freedom and the ability to express oneself as an individual. However, issues arise because the Constitution was written vague in a way. In the event of the 2012 Aurora shooting, conflict arises between a person’s freedom to bear arms and the assurance of a reasonable degree of public safety for everyone.
On July 20, 2012, James Eagen Holmes committed the largest massacre in Colorado. During a midnight screening of the film The Dark Knight Rises, Holmes murdered twelve people and injured seventy others. Holmes had purchased a ticket to enter the theater, and then left the building through an emergency exit door. He managed to keep the door open, while he retrieved guns and smoke bombs from his car. In the article “One More Massacre” by
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The people who carry guns insist that it is for their own self-protection, but this only endangers everyone else. Gun control advocates argue that in order to reduce the amount of gun violence going on their needs to be fewer guns available. They believe that their needs to be more gun regulations, and that all the test required before a person can have a gun need to become stricter. When people are given the right to have guns, one person has been given more protection then the other because not everyone will get a gun. If we are meant to be treated equally then not only should our powers be equal, but so should our protection. If we are not protected equally then this effects our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Allowing for people to have weapons does not provide everyone with equal protection under the

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