Essay about Human Resourse Management Function

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Lesson: 2 HRM functions

Contents: Elements of HRM functions Importance of HRM functions Personnel functions HRM vs. Personnel Functions HRD Instruments HRD Processes HRD Outcomes Appendix: 2 Articles on HRD

Learning Objective this Unit
By the end of this Unit, you should be able to: Give concise definition for HRM functions. Clearly articulate the difference between HRM and Personnel philosophy and functions. Describe the various instruments/functions of HRM. Know the processes resulting from the instruments and the final outcomes.

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2 Dear students, hope the first lesson gave you a fair idea of what the field of HRM holds for us. Today let us know a little bit more about
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3 HRM as you know by now involves the embracing the dimension of people. It involves selection, motivation, and retention of the employees. The functions are a mixture of behavior analysis, policy formulations and maintenance of good interpersonal relations. In this lesson, we are going to focus on all of these functions: the staffing, personnel management, or (as it's usually called today) human resource (HR) management function. These include:
Conducting job analyses (determining the nature of each employee's job) Planning labor needs and recruiting job candidates Selecting job candidates Orienting and training new employees Managing Wages and Salaries (how to compensate employees) Providing incentives and benefits Appraising performance and Communicating (interviewing, counselling, disciplining) Training and developing Building employee commitment Equal opportunity and affirmative action Employee health and safety Grievances and labor relations

Thus if we view it closer we find that human resources management is responsible for the following: 1.Promotion of organisational needs: This is a very crucial function of HRM. The organization needs people human assets. People appreciate day by day with experience and are extremely valuable assets in an organization. HRM functions in this regard refer to planning of human resources, recruitment, placement, motivation, training, assessments,

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