Human Resources : The Human Resource Aspect Essays

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King Company does not adequately consider the human resources aspect. The neglect of human resources issue is evident from the ineffectiveness of the HR activities. The primary objective is to cut costs in the best way possible but does not consider the human resource side. In the short term, the organizational strategy could work (Wright, & McMahan, 2011). However, over time the increased staff turnover rate will create a challenge for human resources (HR). The problem is already evident in the company. Also, there is a risk in the union activity and the employee morale is going down.
HR needs to directly address the issues in the HR activities and the fraudulent sales reports. Further, HR should incorporate punishments for workers who engage in fraudulent activities. Such penalties can include termination of employment when the cases are extreme. Also, the HR department should take responsibility for several things. First, the HR department should monitor the number to ensure that they are accurate and truthful (Beadles et al., 2015).
The HR need to make workers feel safe when they fail to hit the numbers and that they would not be penalized or judged socially due to the failure. Further, the HR department should ensure that the company adopts a reasonable bonus policy. The bonus policy should be fair and agreeable to the employees. Previously, it was evident that the bonus policy was not adequately administered, and it was full of favoritism towards some parties,…

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