Human Resources : Perfect Pottery Essay

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Human Resources Review: Perfect Pottery’s
This report will be talking about the problems faced at Perfect Pottery’s and how the issues were dealt with. The business is located in the UK and had over 1,600 workers. However, in 2015 the company was bought by American Private Equity firm HBGC. There was many problems that became apparent. Some of them were able to come together, but others did not have many solutions. The problems being addressed are from the human resources department. These problems were based off of statistical information from the last 3 years. These issues were apparent because they kept increasing. Main issues include people not enjoying their jobs so they aren’t showing up at all. Along with the amount of work people are missing, the members are worried about being fired. These are main issues because it effects how people view the company. Alongside to that, there are many other concerns in the company like the leadership style, and organizational set up. The first problem that is going to be addressed is absenteeism and sick days. The amount of people showing up for work is less and less every year. Below is a graph of it. If less people are showing up to work, they are either sick or they don’t like their jobs. If they are sick, it could be from something in the factory, like the machines. If it is because they are not liking their jobs, then something would have to be done about that. (Huhman)

Absenteeism is affecting both the employees and the…

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