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The Terms and Conditions of Employment for Employees at the New Queensland Factory

Prepared for Chief Executive Officer of FreshFirst Canning Company by Ahmet Mithat Ozpinar, HR Department
August, 2012
FreshFirst Canning Company

Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to analysis the terms and conditions of employment for employees at the new Queensland factory.
This report includes many suggestions for ways in which to selection and employment of Greenfield factory employees, as well as doing this in the Fair Work Act (2009) frame.
The suggestions are:
(The following is a sampling of recommendations; implementation details are contained in the full report) * Team should be structured in self managing with
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FreshFirst Canning Company must consider the public holidays set by Public Holidays Act.
In the recruitment process, employees that are capable of multi tasking and high committed to work will be hired and placed to vacant positions. Their experiences, abilities, talents and ethic behaviors will play big role in promoting or transferring. When using external resources, people with vision and people who can bring innovation to company will be priority of recruitment process.

Table of Content Introduction 4 Background 4 Purpose 4 Scope 4 Method 4 Limitations 4 Greenfields and HRM 5 Ideal Typical Greenfield Site 5 New Arrangements 5 Workers 6 NES ( National Employment Standards) 6 Working Hours 7 High Commitment Work System 7 Multi Skilled Workers 8 Recruitment 8 Internal promotion or recruitment 8 Promotion 9 Transfer 9 External Recruitment 9 Employee Referrals 10 Newspaper Ads 10 Recruiting Firms 10 The Internet 10 College Recruitment 11 Radio Television and Media 11 Job Posting 11 National Workplace Relations and Legislation Differences 11 Public Holidays 11 Conclusions 12 Recommendations and Implementation 12 Reference List 14


FreshFirst Canning Company already has three other factories, two in Victoria and one in South Wales. Those factories operate on the basis of traditional assembly-line

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