Essay on Human Resources Management of E-Commerce

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The increase in use of Internet among people all over the world has caused a major shift in lifestyle and buying pattern of consumers. In order to succeed, businesses’ should be able to plan and adapt to rapid changes in the marketplace. An example of a company that failed to understand the digital revolution is Borders Bookstore. Borders filed bankruptcy because they did not plan for change and they struggled to create and maintain its online business. It lagged behind from establishing a viable online book business, and over expanded its brick and mortar stores while other book business such as amazon continued to read current trends in e-books and began scaling back. Borders also made a mistake by not investing enough in
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The horizontal fit focuses on keeping HR practices that complement each other, the vertical fit helps maintain consistency with firms overall strategy and the external fit makes sure the strategy is aligned with external factors such as customer buying patterns, increase in diversity etc. (Fisher, Schoenfeldt, Shaw 49). Two main components of the proposed SHRM plan is transforming the people and transforming the structure of the organization (Fisher, Schoenfeldt, Shaw 55).

Transforming the People

To keep up with the company’s motto of providing books on demand for its customers, the company will need highly qualified employees who can cope with the fast growth and change in the industry. Management should look at hiring employees who fit the culture of BBMC and those who are aligned with the growth strategy and providing the top most customer service experience. By focusing on the customer needs, recruiting talent that adapts to those changing needs is a crucial step in the strategy (Hr Spectrum).

Training and Development
With the focus on customer service and hiring skilled employees, it is important to have a valid training and development program to help employees learn and grown within the organization. They should have appropriate language skills to deal with variety of customers, should know about the importance of quality of service, and have high participation and group orientation.


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