Human Resources Management a Plan Needed Essay

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Human Resources Management A Plan Needed 1

Human Resources Management A Plan Needed
BUS 303 Human Resources Management
Instructor: K. Otterstetter
June 23, 2014

Human Resources Management 2 Today in our society we are taught to go to school get good grades and then go to college to get a high paying job. Really a lot more is needed to find a good job and to make a lot of money. To find the best job we have to prepare ourselves to be the best employees possible and this is something that has to be developed over time and with experience, even with being a
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This role is of crucial significance since organizations achieve their long-term objectives and goals through setting clear ethical standards so any employee would know what needs to be done. Human Resources role is very important and can never be under estimated because this is where it would all begin for a new employee. To be successful in HR a
Human Resources Management 3 person will need to be a good selector of people and understand what their company is looking for when it comes to the planning, recruitment, selection process of new employees, the compensation and the benefits. These things can be the most important part of the hiring process and selecting the right person for the job. Whenever HR Management starts there process the first thing that is needed is planning so that time and money will not be wasted. In every organization leaders face the challenges of how to create the value, to provide the best services, products, and outcomes for the organizations. Human Resources would need to know what they are looking for in members and employees so the correct people can be interviewed and selected into the process. It there is no plan or guide money would be wasted along with time and at some

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