Human Resource Policies At The Hr Office Essay

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Organizations tend to come up with human resource policies that reflect the relationship between the employees and management. The policies created by organizations tend to match with their practices such as recruitment and selection, performance management, and training and development. With these aspects in place, organizations are usually in a position to pursue both long and short term goals. This is a clear indication that human resource is the only route organizations can get a sustainable competitive advantage. Based on these aspects, it is appropriate for organizations to come up with an effective HR office and policies which shape employees’ attitudes and behavior thereby aligning them with organization’s mission, visions and objectives (Secord & Secord, 2003).
One of the most important roles of any HR office is recruitment and selection of employees. It is the duty of the HR office to hire employees that match their jobs. However, it is not always easy to find the most ideal employees. This is the reason why the HR office is supposed to have a comprehensive and well-structured recruitment and selection program. Therefore, the HR office is required to come up with an accurate description, compile a success profile, draft an advertisement for the vacant positions and develop a series of interviews in order to gauge the suitability of all candidates that applied for the job in order to get the employees that match with the job. Employee compensation and…

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