Schlumbergeer Company Case Study

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Human resource is taking the main focus of in each organization as the organization will depend on its personal to increase the company profitability . In Schlumbergeer Company for example they maintain Human resource department on each branch of the company, and they get clear target for schlumbergeer management to look for the best people and maintain high motivation for the people that we have.
According to Johnson, (2015), “the basic mission of human resources will always be to acquire, develop and retain talent; align the work force with the business” (Johnson, 2015, p 94).

Question 1
In the new Recruitment and selection process Post-Offer Follow Up (POFU) Is become one of the main Key of successful HR department. The HR team will need to follow up with the candidate who is having potential to enter the company and show interest to be one of the team till he is going to be part of the organization. Like is schlumberger the HR team will go to the job fair and announce job opportunity in different media to attract the high potential people and then start the communication with them , follow up by number of interview and finally proposed offer to them.
POFU is design with the main intention of keeping the candidate who is interested in joining the organization by answering the question that they have on their mind
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Looking for the help of consultants has been in increase trend for good decision on making process by managers of HR in the organization. In Schlumbergeer they are looking to make the best investment in human resources in the short and long-term human resources and recruitment strategies. On this down turn which currently we are going through it is very important to get assist the candidates to set out their career targets and motivate them towards taking the major

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