The Impact Of Information Technology On Human Resource Management

1277 Words Aug 26th, 2016 null Page
The impacts on information technology change the effective management of human resource training and development activities The rapid changes in technology have brought more pressure to the Human Resource departments in different organizations because now the competition of business has become the competition of knowledge and intelligent employees.HR managers are facing many challenges in present business scenario like Globalization workforce diversity, technological advances and changes in political and legal environment change in information technology. All these challenges increase the pressure on human resource managers to attract, retain and nurture talented employee. Due to these challenges, training and development of human resource management become very vital than before. The human resource management has improved due to technological changes on training and development. This essay will look firstly at the importance of human resource management, followed by an analysis of the benefits and challenges on training and development of human resource management. At present, practitioners have realized the importance of training and development due to employers ‘work in improving employees’ behaviours and attitudes and the rapid changes of technology. From the point of view of the enterprise, training is a systematic arrangement to through a lot of teaching activities, so that members can get a lot of knowledge and skills, ideas and attitude to meet the…

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