Human Resource Policies And Procedures Essay

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Communication is an essential part of any business or organization to succeed (Joseph, 2014). Communication in any organization has three vital functions to inform, persuade and motivate employees. Managers use motivation so the employees will perform to their fullest potential and reach the highest level of productivity (Joseph, 2014). Using incentives is another successful tool of motivation, if the expectations are not just met, but succeeded that they can expect a bonus at the end of the year or a project. Another example of companies using communication is through the form of control over the employees and the work environment (Joseph, 2014). Human Resource policies and procedures are an example of communications; these forms control how employees are allowed to act in the workplace (Joseph, 2014). Managers use end of year performance reviews to control whether employees are eligible for a raise or a promotion.
Another function of communication is to provide information and feedback. Information is distributed throughout an organization either through written or verbal communication. A few examples of this would be a memo, business meeting or webinar (Makovsky, 2012). Without communication nothing would ever get accomplished in organizations. In todays busy world with all of the distractions it has become necessary to over-communicate (Makovsky, 2012). An example of over-communicating can be a follow up email summarizing a meeting that was just held. Being able to…

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