Informative Essay On Constructive Feedback

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Describes Your Audience – My audience is all members serving roles in leadership. This audience consists of Supervisors, Supervisor Trainees, and floor leads. The audience could vary depending on level of experience.
My audience should approach this learning tool with an open mind. Many members of management or those who may oversea others, may already understand the prize of providing constructive feedback to employees. Correctly providing feedback helps to improve job performance, along with promoting professional and personal growth for all employees.
Thesis Statement
The sole intent of this presentation is to help people in leadership understand how to Provide Constructive Feedback to every employee effectively. Learning ways to give constructive feedback can improve our employee’s moral and cut any confusion about expectations and current performance. So with this training tool I want you to think of feedback as a guidance that will enable our employees to learn as well as improve the quality of their work.
What can you do to become more effective with giving feedback and to make sure our employees continue the positive behaviors we want to instill in them? The first step is conducting observations on each employee to truly understand the feedback each
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This can also become a powerful motivational tool for the employee and yourself. Not only that; this will be a tool to reassure our employees of its benefits and show them that they are on the right track. However, as mentioned in the text, some managers are reluctant to praise because of the unforeseen acceptance of the message. Therefore, the question we should ask ourselves, and not have the employee feel unmotivated, how can we as leaders be proactive and what can we do about it? We all know that most employees will not seek feedback; we have to take it to them, rather that have they wait for

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