Essay on Human Resource Planning

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Health Human Resources Planning: an examination of relationships among nursing service utilization, an estimate of population health and overall health status outcomes in the province of Ontario
November 2003 Gail Tomblin Murphy, PhD(c) Linda O’Brien-Pallas, PhD Chris Alksnis, PhD Stephen Birch, PhD George Kephart, PhD Mike Pennock Dorothy Pringle, PhD Irving Rootman, PhD Sping Wang, PhD

Decision Maker Partners: Lucille Auffrey, RN Jean-Marie Berthelot Tom Closson Doris Grinspun, RN Mary Ellen Jeans, RN, PhD Kathleen MacMillan, RN, MA, MSc Barbara Oke, RN Judith Shamian, RN, PhD Barb Wahl, RN Funding Provided by: Canadian Health Services Research Foundation Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation University of Toronto

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We would like to acknowledge the Project Coordinator, Jana Lait from the NRU and Adrian MacKenzie from PHRU who provided the necessary knowledge and skills, support, and encouragement, during the life of this project. We appreciate

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