Human Resource Managers Are Hiring New Employees Essay

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“An individual’s performance is based off of three things: Motivation (the desire to do the job), ability (the capability to do the job), and the work environment (the resources needed to do the job) (Griffin & DeNisi, 2016). When human resource managers are hiring new employees, they look for applicants that have the ability to fill the position and fulfill the assignments that need to be occupied. After that, it is the human resource mangers’ job to provide the employee with encouragement, training, and a creative environment in order for them to reach their full potential. It is often difficult for an individual to stay motivated when he or she is required to perform the same menial tasks on a daily basis. When the typical day for most employees entails arriving to work at the same time each morning, sitting at a desk, answering emails, or telephones, enjoying a thirty minute lunch break, working on projects assigned by the human resource manager, and going home at 5 o’clock, it can be difficult to procure motivation to produce above average work. A.S DeNisi and R. W. Griffin, in their book Human Resources, explains that “motivation determines how a person will exert his or her effort. It represents the forces operating on the person to exert effort as well as the direction in which that effort will be exerted.” (Griffin & DeNisi, 2016). A person is hired due to the fact that it is known they have the ability to do the job, but the difference between mediocre and high…

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