Pilgrim At Tinker Creek Analysis

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I am responding to “Horns of the Alter” which is a chapter in the book “Pilgrim at Tinker Creek” by Annie Dillard. In the beginning of the chapter Annie talks mainly about how fascinated she is by a copperhead snakes. A couple of pages in she goes on talking about a mosquito that landed on the copperhead’s back, sucked its blood dry and killed it. For many pages to follow she explicitly talks about parasites and every which aspect about them. At the end Annie philosophically relates parasites to everyday life, such as how we as humans are expected to be drained or broken down as Annie shows in this quote “It must be, I think tonight, that in a certain sense only the newborn in this world are whole, that as adults we are expected to be, and …show more content…
This is all about people I care about or consider important in the world because everybody is a tool they either get used or they use someone else. For example a child is being a parasite unknowingly to their parents, taking food, shelter, and money or the parent taking advantage of the child making the child grow to be big and strong or successful, giving the parent a sense of fulfillment or like they actually made a difference in the world. Another example is my boss, if he does not want to do something, to benefit him he will have me do it with no benefit to me just making me work more and wearing me down. A final example of this is an education setting. As
I said before I use you for information and you use me to ether get money for doing your job and/or a sense of accomplishment, such as you passed on your knowledge to a future generation and your education did not go to waste.
My overall reaction to this text is it was ok. I would never read something like this again or by this Annie Dillard unless I had to. I did not think it was bad it was just long and drawn out it could have been 1/10 the size and still said the exact something. The author Annie just seemed to put a lot of fluff in, like she had a page number she had to reach and she just threw in a bunch

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