Human Resource Management Essay

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Human Resources Management

COURSE: MBA Management

Best Practice VS Best Fit

A Case study of United Bank for Africa

Name: Foluso Akintunde Fapohunda
Student Id: 5471799

Contents 1.0 INTRODUCTION 2 2.0 LITERATURE REVIEW 4 2.1 Human Resources Management (HRM) 4 2.1.1 Best Practice as an Approach in HRM 4 2.1.2 Characteristics of best practice 5 2.1.3 Advantages of Best Practice: 6 3.0 ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION 9 3.1 Distinct Human Resources Practice: 9 3.2 Hofstede Model of Cultural Dimension: 10 3.2.1 Power Distance: 10 3.2.2 Uncertainty Avoidance: 10 3.2.3 Individualism: 11 3.2.4 Masculinity: 11 3.3 HRM Best Fit
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This is known as best practice or high performance work practice. Johnson (2000:69) states that “best practice or high performance work practice are described as HR methods and systems that have universal, additive, and positive effect on organization performance.”
Many strategies are formed as a result of various factors which might be intra or inter (internal or external factors). The external factors include the sociological, economic, political and technological factors while the internal factors include organizational structure, human, financial and physical resources all aiming at gaining competitive advantage which led to the evolution of Best Practice and Best fit model.
This research will be looking at the universalistic approach known as best practice in human resources management and the application and challenges faced using this approach by United Bank for Africa (UBA).

2.0 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Human Resources Management (HRM) The champion in the field of Human Resources Management (HRM) can now be identified in many management reviews such as Legge (1995); Boxall

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