Essay on Human Resource Management

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In recent years, a number of people who study and write about business have been debating whether we should do away with HR. The debate arises out of serious and widespread doubts about HR's contribution to organizational performance. And as much as I like HR people, I must agree that there is a good reason for HR's beleaguered reputation. It is often ineffective, incompetent, and costly; in a phase, it is value sapping. But the truth is that HR has never been more necessary.
The competitive forces that managers face today and will continue to confront in the future demand organizational excellence. To state it plainly: achieving
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The reason? Line managers have ultimate responsibility for both the processes and the outcomes of the company. It follows that they should lead the way in fully integrating HR into the company's real work. Indeed, to do so, they must become HR champions themselves. More important, they must hold HR accountable for delivering it.

WHY HR MATTERS NOW MORE THAN EVER Companies today face five critical business challenges. These challenges require organizations to build new capabilities. It is HR's opportunity to play a leadership role in enabling organizations to meet the following competitive challenges: •

Globalization - With the rapid expansion of global markets, managers are struggling

to balance the paradoxical demand to think globally and act locally. That imperative requires them to move people, ideas, products, and information around the world to meet local demands. Globalization requires that organizations increase their ability to learn and collaborate and to manage diversity, complexity, and ambiguity.

Profitability through Growth - The drive for revenue growth puts unique demands on an organization. Companies seeking to acquire new customers and develop new products must be creative and innovative, and must encourage the free flow of information and shared learning among employees. They must also become more market focused - more in touch with the fast changing and disparate needs of their customers. And companies

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