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Chitral Introduction

District Chitral is the north-most district of Pakistan, situated just across the border fro m Afghanistan. It is situated in between the succession range of Koh Hindukush. It is one of the largest district of NWFP provinces, which consist of two tehsils of Chitral and Mastuj. It is bounded on the north side with the Wakhan Patti of Afghanistan through Dorah pass, which is a link between Pakistan and Tajikistan, on the north-west by the Hindukush mountains, on the east side with swat, on the north-east side with Gilgit through the Shandoor pass, on the west side with the Afghanistan province Noristan through the Kalash valley, on the south side with the district upper Dir through the lowari pass, on the south-west
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Nights are usually spent playing cards and dancing on local tunes. Music competitions are also held between groups from Chitral and Gilgit. During day the tourists go to nearby Phandar Valley for freshwater fishing.

Chitral is also home of the Kalash tribe who reside in three remote valleys southwest of Chitral Town. Between the town of Drosh and Chitral city, a track turn to the left from village of Ayun on Kunar river to the Kalash Valley, where these strange yet attractive people live in three villages of Rukmu, Mumret and Biriu (called Rambur, Bumburet and Birir in local Kalashi language), south of Chitral. Bumburet (above right), the largest and the most picturesque valley of the Kafirs, is 40 kilometres from Chitral and is connected by a jeepable road.The general population is mainly of the Kho people, who speak the Khowar language (or Chitrali). Tirich Mir

Tirich Mir is the highest peak of the Hindu Kush Range, straddling near the border of Afghanistan, it rises upto 7,690 meters above sea level. It is clearly visible from Chitral Town. It was first climbed by Norwegian climbers in 1950 from Chitral side. Tirich Mir is the 38th tallest mountain in the world. I saw this gigantic mountain for the first time in December 1997, when i visited Chitral. The mountain seems to be so closed but when one goes there it seems more distant. The main peak of Tirich Mir (7708m), the highest

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