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nagHuman Resource Management Overview
Whitney Griffin
HRM 300
August 29, 2015
Angela Oden

Human Resource Management Overview
Employees have a tendency to go through their day without knowing the behind the scenes work that others handle. Without these behind the scenes people, their day will not go smoothly. From making important business calls on personal time or personal cell phones, to getting lunch in a timely manner so they can get back to work. Without these positions in a business nothing would be possible. Once the human capital is removed from a business, it is empty. Just a big empty building. This is the job of the Human Resource Management, HRM. They must make sure people they are hiring are qualified for
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They handle the raise, bonuses, and enrolling eligible employees into medical or dental coverage. Risk management of HRM is to identify any risks that the employees and the organization may be at labor wise. They will also assess, manage, and monitor these risks as needed to determine whether or whether not they are abiding by federal labor laws. This is not only safety issues, but that is one of the biggest ones, but this also included proper training and making sure the company is not failing the law requirements. Employee relations of HRM deals with employee relations. It is their jobs to try to build and maintain relationships between employers, managers, and employees that are positive. These are also the ones to contact if there is a dispute to be resolved within the workplace. They will also be the ones to change the workplace policies and procedures. Strategic management of HRM is a combination of multiple functions. They have all been outlined above and the primary concern is making sure all of the human resource management department is interacting effectively through the company and to make sure the goals are being met as an organization. What is the primary function of HRM? This all depends on what area of human resources someone is working in. The primary function however, is to manage human capital within the company. The human resource management team does not make the decisions for the organization, they do however make

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