Essay about Human Resource Management

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Chapter – 9 Ramesh rangasamy
Week 3 & Day 9 , 88725

1) Understanding the ways in which companies in a supply chain improve performance by forging strategic links with other firms requires a close look at the nature of the relationships and how the partners behave.

Strategic alliances have become a common feature of supply chains, with managers of companies along the chain integrating their processes to enhance competitiveness.
Yet research shows
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While scholars have examined the individual impact of various behavioural characteristics within alliances – such as trust, interdependence, co-ordination and commitment – they have not considered these in combination or alongside other aspects of the relationship.
Suspecting that more fundamental factors may be at work in successful alliances, Vanpoucke and Vereecke explored how a range of factors affect the success of alliances that are highly integrated and in which the partners focus their efforts on co-ordinating logistics, purchasing and other operations.
While past research has understood the performance of alliances in terms of the resources deployed by the partners, this study stressed the value of collaboration between firms as a resource in itself and how a proactive long-term view of a relationship can lead to closer co-operative links.

2 )Which of the alliance contract issues explained in the text do you think are most important? Why?

3)Discuss some costs and benefits of the different management structures. Under what conditions should a firm choose a particular structure?

When executives develop corporate strategy, they nearly always begin by analyzing the industry or environmental conditions in which they operate. They then assess the strengths and weaknesses of the players they are up against. With these industry and competitive analyses in mind,

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