Human Resource Management Essay

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At one point in business and corporate history, Human Resource Management was mainly and for mostly responsible for employer training, hiring, and employee compensation. However as times changed the dynamics of HRM changed as well. In current day HRM is responsible for a wide array for responsibilities, some of those responsibilities are fairly simple and generic and others are more labor intensive and require more time. Some such of those responsibilities are employee payroll and benefits such as insurance, and 401k etc. HRM now also has the responsibilities of analyzing and designing job functions, employee selection and recruitment, employee performance evaluations and compensation. Some of these were in fact in the past the …show more content…
For instance in a production environment, the top priorities are safety and product turn out time. Down time spells revenue loss, as well as improper safety techniques as on the job accidents are a given when safety protocols aren’t followed. Regardless of the work environment HRM plays a large part as HRM’s have started to realize yes employees may be a cost but they are a valuable asset to have as well. Without them the company would fail, because there wouldn’t be anyone to complete the work being asked for.
Employees have started demanding more from the workplace as well in recent years. No one wants to work for a company that doesn’t pay enough to afford a third party insurance, so they generally ask for higher pay or insurance from the company itself. Some companies go the extra mile for its employees now vs years ago they didn’t and the workers still had to do all of the things that HR has started to shoulder. That said HRM has made leaps and bounds to help accommodate the wants and needs of the ever changing workplace dynamic and employee needs. Needlessly said at some point the dynamics will change again, but in what manner has yet to be determined.
Another interesting point worth noting is that once HRM’s started to shoulder more than the rest of the people or other departments the morale and general happiness of the workplace started to improve, or at least

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