Human Resource Management Essay

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1.1 Origin Of The Study

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a specialized course on Business Administration. International Business Administration and Information System University (IBAISU) provide this specialized program to contribute efficient professionals in the business sector. IBAISU had designed this program with an excellent combination of practical and theoretical aspect. The whole program is divided in to twelve (12th) semesters. Out of the twelve semesters last semester (12th semester) is assigned for practical
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6. Accounting procedures for the legal settlement of Investment Mechanism will be highlighted very clearly so that the proper out comes from here may be realized. 7. To gather knowledge about banking companies operations on Investment Mechanism in practical field. 8. To gain the understanding that how different of an organization coordinate with each other work together to achieve one goal. 9. To understand the working of each department of a bank. 10. To identify a link between practical operational aspects of the Bank to complementary the theoretical lessons.

Specific Objectives 1. To get orientation with a service sector i.e. the banking industry. 2. To experience the work environment. 3. To observe and learn in hand the overall banking functions of a private commercial bank. 4. To observe the overall banker-customer relationship. 5. To know how to Bank(s) provides services to the customers.

1.3 Significance Of The Study

Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. is the biggest Bank in Bangladesh in private sector. There are a few numbers of private Banks that can compete with IBBL. The Banking system aiming to gain the goal of Islamic economy through setting a well designed Islamic Monitory system. Regarding use of money Islam has its clear-cut instruction through

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