Human Resource Management: Strategic Vision, Concept Of Quality Management

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I-Introduction In this article of the International Journal, Mehran Ebrahim and Mehran Sadeghi have described the ‘’Quality management” in a keen environmental turbulences. They have demonstrated the necessity for organizations to develop and implement strategic vision, concept of quality management and performance. Undeniably, The best way to approach a true definition of quality will consist of referring a company’s mission statement. Indeed, a company exists because it seeks to serve its customers and other stakeholders through the creation, delivery and communication of value. From this mission statement, one may design a link to the following definition of quality from Evan’s cookie-cutter perceptive: “Perfection, Consistency, Eliminating waste, Speed of delivery, Compliance with policies and, …show more content…
In the external view of the organization, quality management will make sure that the expectations and value of the stakeholders and mainly the customers are met for the organization to benefit from competitive advantages. For this reason, companies should apply management and performance criteria suchlike human resources supervision, customer satisfaction, an inspired leadership, and a supplier quality control (Ebrahimi & Sadeghi, 2013).
• Human Resources Management
For the organization to develop a good quality management approach and implement it, it will need to invest in the human capital by privileging practices such as training, involvement in the quality management vision, motivating and empowering. This is all the more true that the human capital is the one stakeholder that delivers and communicates the value to the customers (MBNQA, 2014).
• Customer focus and

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