Nurses Essay: Summary: Quality For Work Life

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Nurses are one of the most diverse and largest workforces in the health care system. The word “nurse” originated from Latin word “Nutritious” which means someone who nourishes fosters and protects. The role of nurses in the health care system is expanding and changing. Their role is not just limited to institutional care but also involves delivery of services at various levels of the health care system. The nurses are one of the strongest pillars of the health car deliver system in providing safe, affordable and quality services to the people. Mortality, Morbidity an disability reduction, health promotion through healthy Nurses are one of the most diverse and largest workforces in the health care system. The
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Quality is “as fitness for purpose”. The concept of quality is not apply to all goods and services created by human beings, but also for workplace where the employees were employed. Quality in the workplace comes from understanding and then fully meeting, the needs of all your internal and external customers, now and into the future and doing so with continual improvement in efficiency and effectiveness. Quality of work life refers to the favorableness or un- favorableness of a total job environment of the people. The basic purpose is to develop jobs and working conditions that are excellent for people as well as for the economic health of the organization. Quality of work life provides a more humanized work environment. It attempts to serve the higher in- order needs of workers as well as their more basic needs. It seeks to employ the higher skills of workers and to provide an environment that encourages improving their …show more content…
The QWL approach considers people as an 'asset' to the organization rather than as ‘costs'. It believes that people perform better when they are allowed to participate in managing their work and make decisions. This approach motivates people by satisfying not only their economic needs but also their social and psychological ones. To satisfy the new generation workforce, organizations need to concentrate on job designs and organization of work. Further, today's workforce is realizing the importance of relationships and is trying to strike a balance between career and personal

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