Essay on Human Resource Management : Hrm

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Human resource management also well-known as HRM remains as a standout amongst the rapidly growing areas of research in Human Resources (Lepak & Shaw 2008) and also as a strong component of research in the management area. Coming from a computer science background I always wondered how HRM department functions in an organization and why does it play a vital role. This report focuses on my understanding of Human Resources Management based on my learning’s in strategic human resource management and how my perceptions have changed over the last 6 months. This report also focuses on critically evaluating the limitations in human resource practices which already exists and how strategic human resource management can be changed in the upcoming future.
My perspective of HRM throughout the last six months:
People being the sustainable source of competitive advantage, every organization will have its own set of factors which needs to compete against other competitors in the market to hire the best candidates for their organization and achieve their own future objectives (Pfeffer 1994). HRM is mainly a combination of two things: managing employees in organizations in an effective manner and this includes hiring employees, diversity management, retention of people, payroll and benefits, performance management and termination activities. Second definition comprehends the management of employees in companies from a commanding perspective, i.e. effective people…

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