Human Resource Management And The Production Of Many Organizations Are Dependent On The Human Capital

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Efficiency and the production of many organizations are dependent on the human capital. Human Resource has been considered as one of the important factors in the today 's world, by managing all material facts of both private and public sector organization. The reason for this is they involved with management decisions that have a major influence on the relationship between the organisations and employees (Beer, 1985). As the result, public and private sector 's capability relates to the activities through human resource management practices (Ulrich and Lake, 1991). The creation of talent workforce is essential to fulfilling organizational goal and objective. The public sector is run by the government with an objective to serve the citizens of the country. While private sector, run by private individuals or companies, aim to earn a profit. However, both of them are the important key to the progress and development of any countries economies. There are differences in Human Resources Management (HRM) practices in each area, such as Recruitment and selection and Employee engagement. In this essay will show the differences in HRM roles in public and private sector.

Private sector organization is the organisations which are owned and managed by private individuals or enterprises with the sole objective to provide goods and services for customer in order to make a profit, for instance, Barclays Bank and Pfizer. On the other hand, Public sector organization is fully owned and run…

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