Human Resource Management And Industrial Relations Essay

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My suggestion is for us to examine the HR practices of U.S multinationals in Denmark. According to Ferner (1997), there appears to be limited amount of research discussing the systematic differences in which a particular MNC of a given nationality (e.g., United States) manages its human resources. However, there are some generalizations made from these body of research. For example, one such generalization is that there are some human resource management/industrial relations issues that tend to exhibit more local isomorphism (i.e., resemble the practices of host environment) such as wage determination, training, number of hours to work, among others. Meanwhile, the argument is that there are some HR/IR issues that tend to be more regulated by the what is described as the imprint of the country-of –origin, such as employee communication, and management development (Ferner, 1997).
With all of this in mind, one might argue that there several number of constraints on the assimilaition by a particular multinational in terms of certain IR/HR practices because of the particular host county’s regulation/practice. An example is where a global U.S multinational decides to have a subsidiary in a different country(e.g., IBM in Denmark). According to Ferner (1997), a US multinational corporation tends to use to have in place international systems of performance management..
More importantly, according to Egan and Bendick (2003), every U.S. multinational (MNC) should attempt to…

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