Human Resource Management : A New Pizza Place Essay

2339 Words Oct 5th, 2016 10 Pages
The company that I will be talking about throughout this journal is a new pizza place in the local Charlottetown region. This pizza place will be located at the corner of University avenue and Belvedere avenue. This pizza place will be located at this location so it can attract the university students. Human resources will help get the company started and come up with all the rules that will be in place at the pizza shop. Human resource management plays a critical role in developing a new company as they are responsible for coming up with ways that the company can attract, retain, and get the diverse talent required to meet certain goals made to their customers and shareholders. The job as an Human resource manager is to guarantee the organization that they will find and hire the best individuals available for that job. The way that human capital will help out with the new pizza place is it will refer all of the values, skills, and capabilities of its employees. The reason I feel these are a main factor when starting a new business, or hiring new staff is so that everyone within the company knows the values of that company and what they expect from their staff and managers. Having a new company, you want to make sure that you hire the best and brightest staff that is available. To do this for the pizza shop the human resource manager will tell the staff as they are hired what they are expecting to get out of every one and what they want to see the business evolve into. Once…

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