Essay Human Resource Development ( Hrm )

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Commonly in organisations, Human Resource Development (HRD) is only identified as a stem under the Human Resource Management (HRM) and further differentiated into the Training and Development segment of HRM (Bowman 2006:30-3). This notion has changed over the years by the increasing trend of HRD and its importance in forming a company’s strategy or achieving the strategic goals. McLagan (1989a) presents a structural view of HRD influenced by system’s theory, she states that HRD is defined as the integrated use of training, organisation and career developments to advance the individual and group organisational performance or capability (Alaiga & Swanson 2002:2). David McGuire states that HRD has evolved from just being a theory and practice to a tripartite agenda including betterment of human, organisational enrichment and development of the society as a whole. In 1970, Nadler coined the term HRD and proposed a model that involved Training, Education and Development, as it’s three components. HRD’s literature is more popular in the United States where it originated from and other western industrialised countries compared to European nations (quoted in Kumpikiate & Sakalas’s paper 2011). Traditionally, HRD was seen as a reactive approach since it only focused on some strategic goals such as integrating activities with the organisations goals and objectives and involving line managers but later Luoma (2007) gave the three approaches to HRD. These approaches were…

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