Human Resource Departments : Human Resources Essay

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Human Resources
Today, many human resource departments seek to hire new employees, train and retain existing employees, and to appraise the resulting work from these employees. The challenges in adequately achieving these tasks and encompass many factors. HR departments have to constantly evaluate whether their actions advance the company’s mission. The process of hiring the right employees for the right job requires an honest assessment of the type of work that needs to be done, and the ideal candidate for the position. Human capital has become more recognizable as one of a company’s primary assets. Understandably, the importance of finding new employees has become increasingly important.
One of the most important functions of HR departments is to fill job vacancies. The results of the decisions made in this process can either help or hurt the company. When a HR department has a new vacancy, it must first determine whether the work can be assigned to existing employees (Susan M. Heathfield, April 03, 2016). This can be of vital importance because of budget restraints, and the suddenness of the vacancy. Furthermore, it must be determined if the position will be filled internally, or by hiring someone outside of the organization. Whatever decision is made, an accurate description of the opportunity must be presented, which results in hiring a candidate that will have a successful relationship with the company. Also, an examination of the preferred business culture will…

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